Tile Drill Instructions


Use with a Cordless Drill 1500 RPM –2000 RPM (freeload).

Do not use with hammer or impact action.

Safety Instructions

Always use appropriate PPE.

Always follow the safety instructions provided in your power tool manual.

This Tile Drill Bit is used with water, to prevent electric shock, do not use with a corded drill.

Tile Drill Bit will become hot during use. Care should be taken when handling after use.


These diagrams illustrate the recommended method to cut hard tile and stone quickly, cleanly and easily. A continuous flow of water is not required to cool the tile drill bit.

Before starting the cut, dip the drill bit into water to approximately the middle of the core ejection slot.

At full RPM, start drilling at a 45°angle. This will create a semi-circular groove in the tile surface.

Once the groove has been established, raise the drill to 90°and apply light pressure.

Gently oscillate the drill as the hole is being cut, continuing to apply light pressure only. For optimal performance, dip the hole saw into water every 5 seconds and before starting a new cut.