About Us

About CorePlus

As specialists in diamond cutting, CorePlus offers a comprehensive range of Diamond Cutting Blades, Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits, Diamond Tile Drill Bits and Diamond Hole Saws. Our product ranges utilise the very latest design innovations and technological advancements in diamond cutting. Selecting the right cutting tool can be a daunting, complicated process, that's why we believe we have introduced the easiest to understand range of diamond blades available. Uncomplicated naming and simplified packaging make it simple to match the correct blade for the material being cut. When long blade life is the key selection criteria our Elite Endurance range provides the maximum number of cuts for your spend.



Nothing is more important when working with diamond cutting equipment than safety. That's why we commit to certified quality management processes and testing of the highest competence. All our diamond cutting blades are manufactures to EN 13236 and our Elite Endurance range meets the additional certification standards required by oSa the German Organization for Safety of Abrasives.



Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation are at the heart of everything we do. Whilst quality and concentration of diamonds is an important factor in cut precision, the bond matrix that delivers the diamond is just as crucial. Our bond technology has been developed by the metallurgist professor at the University of Sheffield here in the UK and is specially formulated for different substrates. Our extensive expertise in brazing diamond is based in Newmarket, close to Cambridge University allowing us ease of access to additional world-class technical and development resources when required.


Manufacturing Technology

Impressive safety and quality standards can only be achieved through state-of-the-art production technology. We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our manufacturing, diamond-cutting products require very precise engineering, and this can only be achieved with modern systems and a highly trained team.