Cordless drill - retractable starter bit method

A continuous flow of water is not required for this hole saw when cutting hard tile, stone and glass.

The DMPA32P Diamond Hole Saw Arbor With Retractable Starter Bit holds the hole saw in position until the cut is completed also aiding easier and faster core removal. For materials thicker than 10mm (3/8“), we recommend removal of the starter bit once sufficient cut depth has been achieved. The hole saw can then be used as instructed to complete deeper holes.

Assemble starter bit onto arbor. At FULL RPM offer the starter bit up to the tile and drill a small indent by fully depressing the Starter Bit.

Assemble the diamond hole saw onto the same arbor. Position the starter bit (in non-compressed form) so that it protrudes 8mm from the hole saw cutting edge.

Before starting the cut, dip the assembled starter bit and hole saw into water. 

Position the assembled starter bit and hole saw up to the small indent. At FULL RPM start the cut at an angle of between 5°to 10°. This will create a semi-circular groove in the tile surface.

Once the groove has been established, raise the hole saw to 90°and apply light pressure.

Gently oscillate the power tool as the hole is being cut continuing to apply light pressure only.

For optimal performance, dip the hole saw into water every 5 seconds and before starting a new cut.